Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ella & Mohar: The Pre-Wedding

Ella & Mohar was the 2nd couple we picked for our pre-wedding photo shoot this month. This was also another fun and relaxed shoot as we're both quite close to the couple. 
Although it was pretty challenging for us to get Mohar to "smile", it turned out to be quite a blessing as each time we forced him to smile it would somehow make Ella crack-up, which gave us great shots of how comfortable the couple are with one another.
The venue this time around is at St.John's Institution... we chose the place because of its victorian architecture and the amazing red texture of its brick walls.. and primarily because it was where Mohar spent his teenage years.
Thank you to St John's Institution for happily giving us permission to have the photo shoot.. and thank you to Ella & Mohar for being so patient, relaxed and for enduring the heat of the blazing hot sun 

p/s: Special thanks to Mohar for trying his very best to SMILE :)

A Mexican Affair

Few weeks ago, we were invited by Flora Etc.. to snapped a couple of deco pics as their in-house photographers.
So, when we received an email informing us that we were to snap deco pics for a Mexican-themed wedding, we were beyond thrilled. We began imagining tons of deco possibilities to expect.. but when were arrived at the venue, we just couldn't believe our eyes! The splashes of colours, the mixture of flowers, frills and hanging lanterns just blew us away.
Once again, Flora Etc.. pulled-off an excellent job with the deco and we are more than honored to have been given the opportunity to capture the set-up.

Venue: Taman Rimba, TTDI
Deco: Flora etc..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aina and Hizami's Pre Wedding

I've known Aaina for a very long time. so when we opened-up our promotion for lucky couples chosen for pre-wedding photo shoots and aaina was picked, i was more than happy to be spending the day with her fiancee and herself.
We chose KTM for the location simply because of its fantastic architecture. We started very early on a sunday morning to avoid the sun and also, stares from any one who would pass by... we were lucky enough to have such a sporting couple who didn't mind doing all the poses we asked them to do and also not encountering with any passerby who gave us weird looks

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