Monday, November 29, 2010

Oliver & Michelle: in conjunction with TV3's Mahligai Impian

Early this year, Rintis Images was approached by AWP Malaysia and TV3 to participate in an event which would allow one lucky couple to have the Wedding of their Dreams come true. The show, Mahligai Impian ran this contest for couples who were either suffering from a disease or physically challenged.

We were more than honored to take part in realizing the dream wedding of the lucky winning couple, Oliver & Michelle, whose love, commitment and courage for one another showed in their smiles and laughter throughout the whole event. Despite having just recovered from leukemia, Michelle was the shinning image of a strong, positive and beautiful person who found and equally strong and beautiful life partner in Oliver.

Rintis Images wishes Oliver & Michelle all the best in their marriage and a life-long amount of love and happiness.

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